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The credentials command has several options:

mic credentials [-p | --profile] [--server] [--username] [--password] [--name] 
                [--email] [--git_username] [--git_token] [--dockerhub_username] 


MIC uses several APIs (GitHub, DockerHub and MINT Model catalog) to upload model components. The MINT Model Catalog requires credentials for adding and modifying contents in the catalog. You can use the credentials command to configure a username and password for the Model Catalog API, GitHub and DockerHub. For ease of use, this command can also be used with no parameters, it will prompt the user to enter any required field not given.


-p, --profile <profile-name>

Credentials can be set up with multiple configuration profiles. This option lets the user choose which profile they are editing. If the profile does not already exist it will generate a new one.

--server <server url>

The Model Catalog API - [required]

--username <username>

Email for the Model Catalog API - [required]

--password <password>

Password for Model Catalog - [required]

--name <name>

Full name of the author - [required]

--git_username <GitHub Username>

Author's Github username - [required]

--git_token <GitHub API Token>

Authors's GitHub API Token. More information can be found in the setting up GitHub credentials section below - [required]

--dockerhub_username <Username>

Username for dockerhub

Setting up GitHub credentials

The GitHub Username field is the users GitHub username. If unknown the username can be found at Once logged, in at the top right dropdown menu there will be a "signed in as [username]"

The GitHub Token is the user's personal access token. To create a personal access token click here, or go to -> Settings -> Developer settings -> personal access token. Click Generate new token this will open the new personal access token page. The following options must be checked:

  • [x] repo: | Full control of private repositories
  • [x] write:packages | Upload packages to github package registry
  • [x] read:packages | Download packages from github package registry

Writing "mic access token" under notes is also recommended

When done click Generate token at the bottom of the page. Once the token is generated be sure to copy and save it in a secure location. Enter this key in the GitHub API token field when prompted.


If this token is lost there is no way to recover it without generating a new one.

Setting up DockerHub credentials

MIC will prompt you to add your user in DockerHub, a repository used for publishing Docker images. MIC will help you publish the computational dependencies of your model as a virtual image, giving you full control over the result.

Example usage:

$ mic credentials
Model Catalog API []:
Username []:
GitHub Username:
GitHub API token:
Docker Username: 


Contact the MINT team to create a new user/password if you want to edit your own models.